Oct 20, 2015

Being in Italy has inspired me to try new styles and different fashion trends. The street style here is flourishing with new and innovative looks that inspire me every time I walk out of my apartment. Everyone here appreciates personal style, even the men. The unique personal style is a refreshing perspective compared to the over-worn trends and style traps Americans tend to follow. Italy has been constantly inspiring me in design, style, and art. I'm excited to use my skills that I learn here and apply them back at home.

Milan, Italy - Fashion Week

Oct 6, 2015

It's been a long time dream of mine to go to fashion week. Living in Florence finally gave me the chance to experience it first-hand. Since during the week I have classes and have been traveling as much as I can on the weekends, I only had one day to spend in Milan. Although I didn't have a ticket into any of the shows, I did my best to work my magic at the security. I might have not gotten to see any of the designers' work first-hand, but I still had a memorable experience nonetheless. Standing outside the Dolce & Gabanna show I witnessed amazing street style fashion. It was such a surreal atmosphere to be apart of knowing everyone there was as eager and in love with fashion as I was. After the show let out I sneaked in quick selfie pics with some of the models and got the chance to see up-close and personal Vogue Fashion Editor Anna Wintor.