70s Flare

Aug 25, 2015

For this outfit I'm wearing head-to-toe American Eagle Outfitters. AEO's hippie vibes and casual wear are great for transitioning summer looks into fall. Since the 70s flare jeans are making a huge comeback, I had to give it a try when I saw this pair in their store. I liked this particular pair because they're casual with rips and discoloration for an easy-going hippie summer look. The jeans will also be great for transitioning into fall by adding layers of knits and scarves.

Style Tip:
When wearing flare jeans pair them with a chunky shoe that barely shows through the hem. This will make the wearer look taller and skinnier and also shows off the flare in the pant.

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Vintage Bandana

Aug 18, 2015

Lately I have been really inspired by past fashion trends. As the saying goes, "Everything comes back in style..." - My wardrobe is a testament to it. For this outfit I channeled my inner Madonna with some of my mothers old items from the 80's (Thanks, Mom). I wore her now vintage Victoria's Secret lace trimmed silk cami with little beaded pearls and paisley motif bandana to create this outfit. Still keeping it simple, I tucked the tank into high-waisted jeans and paired them with black ankle-strap heels.

Style Advice:
Scarves have become a huge fashion trend in the past 5 years. Not only are they great for cold weather, but work as a statement or accessory. More recently, bandanas have made a huge comeback. Their super casual vibe and effortless look makes it a very attainable and easy trend to try. They can be worn by folded and worn around the neck like a necklace or in your hair as a headband. It's also cute tied around a low bun for a more girly fun look.

I like the style of this outfit because it is simple, sophisticated, and on-trend. Little changes to an everyday outfit like adding a heel, bandana, or bold lip can transform a look while creating personal style.

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Casual Cool

Aug 10, 2015

My everyday summer style consists of basics paired with my Birkenstocks. It's easy going and simple for a casual cool look. The top I wore for this outfit was an old short sleeve button-up that use to be my mothers. Keeping only the first couple of buttons clasped, I pulled each side of the flaps to opposite sides and tucked it into my high-waisted shorts. By making a new neckline, the style of the top looks completely different while also being able to show off a little lace from my bralette. To complete the look I wore a redish purple hue lip for a pop of color. Summer outfits like this are my go-to because they are easy-going, but also show off my style. 

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The BraLab

Aug 1, 2015

Happy Saturday! Sharing another great collaboration with The BraLab. If you haven't checked it out yet, see my previous post here for another look with these made-to-be-seen bras.

For this look I am wearing The BraLab's Prague Black Vegan Leather back strap with the Berkshire Herringbone straps mixed with leather straps. One of the reasons these bra sets are so great is because there are so many different ways to wear them. I braided mine to give a unique look that would purposely show through the opening of my top. Because of the versatility of the bras, straps can be criss-crossed, angled, and pretty much adjusted to any kind of  look you want. The straps can also be used to peek through necklines in the front of tops too.

Instead of finding the right bra that can be disguised in your outfit, with The BraLab, outfits can be designed around your bra to make a statement. Hiding your straps are a thing of the past. Shop The BraLab at Gigi Bottega in Bloomington or Evanston, Illinois or online at thebralab.com.

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Photo credit: Haley Hoesly Photography - Check out her facebook page here.