Jun 24, 2015

I love the casual and effortless vibe of this denim on denim look. The collared button-up and wedge ankle booties make this outfit polished, but still casual for an everyday look. About a year ago I would have said pairing these denim washes together clashed, but recently I've been testing the boundaries of this trend and really like how it has turned out.

Style Advice:
 Pair your favorite denim jeans with a slightly darker or lighter wash chambray or denim button-up. There doesn't need to be an extreme contrast between the washes to attain this look. Tuck part of the shirt into the jeans and pair it with simple dainty jewelry.

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Jun 13, 2015

Studying fashion has taught me a lot of about sustainability and consumption, something I chose to overlook before I started my career. With sustainability being an evident theme in all my classes this past year I've been recently inspired to put my design skills to good use and edit the clothing I already have.

Read more about sustainability in the fashion industry and issues with consumption here.

My first project was this off-the-shoulder peasant crop top. Using a fitted bed sheet, I took advantage of the elastic to make this summer must-have trend. I'm really happy with how it turned out and it has inspired me to continue remixing my old clothes in my closet. 

I paired my top with an old denim skirt from Gap that I found at my local Goodwill store. Keeping it simple with effortless summer vibes, I chose white strappy sandals and aviators to complete this look.

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Jun 5, 2015

Bringing back 40's vibes today by wearing a red vintage thrift store dress. While during my vacation in Florida, I had the chance to shop some of the local thrift stores. Being in love with fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe who were known for their feminine sophisticated style, I knew I had to have this dress as soon as I saw it. Originally, the dress hit below my knees, but I hemmed the bottom of the skirt to make it more modern and up to date.

Check out this really cute short clip of fashion over the past 100 years here.

Inspired by 40's style, I paired the red dress with brown chunky heels that reminded me of something Allie in the movie The Notebook may have worn. I completed the look with simple gold channel stud earrings for a sophisticated classy outfit that I wore to my sisters graduation ceremony. 

I recently invested in fixing my sewing machine and it is has turned out to be one of the best investments I have made yet. Already, it has made a huge impact on my summer wardrobe and is continually fueled my creative juices. My challenge for myself this summer has been to remix old styles and items of clothing in my closet to make them on point with trends with my own twist to make them uniquely my own style. This past week I made a peasant, off the shoulder crop-top that I just can't wait to show off on the blog. 

Stay tuned.




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