Mar 26, 2015

Spring is officially here, but the weather hasn't quite come around yet. Transitioning into spring is the perfect opportunity to mix and match unlikely pairs; sweaters with shorts, sandals with jeans, jackets and tanks, etc. This small window of spring we Northerners experience before the summer heat is my favorite clothing season.

I'm starting to transition my winter clothes into spring in baby steps as I wait for the weather to cooperate. My go-to look this winter was skinny jeans, a V-neck tee, and ankle booties; Adding accessories and layers from there. Starting with these same basics, I added a light layered cardigan with aztec print. This cardigan is thin so it isn't too heavy for transitioning into warmer weather. 

There is something that can be appreciated with keeping it simple with basic staples. Although fashion can sometimes seem like one big fad and trend after the next, being beautiful can be effortless and simple too. Staples like a dark wash skinny jean and a basic tee should be key in every fashionista's wardrobe.

As the weather transitions into spring/summer, I'm keeping things simple.
 Back to the basics.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful first week of spring. Sorry for not posting in a while!