Jan 28, 2015

One of my mottos is "Look good, Feel good," and when I feel good I workout better. A cute outfit gets me get motivated for a good workout. Since the 5K Color Run I participated in this past summer, it has been my goal to stay in shape and stay healthy. This became a lot harder of a goal to keep than I had originally thought. I'm sure many of you can relate to the ongoing war of staying healthy or just having one more bite. This New Year I am making it my goal to get my butt in gear.
A lot of brands recently have been creating new workout lines in their collections. Express just recently launched their workout gear line and it is full of bright vibrant prints which is perfect for an energetic workout. Some of my favorite places to shop for affordable, cute, good quality athletic wear are TjMaxx, Target, and Walmart. TjMaxx is awesome because they have the high quality brands, but are more affordable than buying straight from the store itself. Although Target doesn't have the name brands, it still provides cute, fun sportswear at a decent price. Surprisingly enough Walmart also can have some great pieces. Many of the items I found there are some of my favorites. I can always count on Walmart for finding basic items (sports bras and leggings) at a good price. 

When I was on the mission to find cute workout gear, the striped workout jacket was the first thing that caught my eye in TjMaxx. I love stripes in my everyday wardrobe so I figured, why not in my workout gear too? I found these black and neon Nike sneaks at Kohl’s on sale for a steal. I randomly found my light blue sports tank in a bin at one of Express' big clearance sales and couldn't help but not buy it for the price. To complete this look I pulled on some black leggings and aviators. Looking like this, I'll be set for a great workout!




Jan 23, 2015

Winter Whites are one of my favorite trends for this cold weather season. Proof that fashion is always changing; White can be worn past Labor Day, but also through the cold winter fashion. I embraced this trend full on by wearing my once summer-only white jeans with light neutral colors. Keeping it warm for the winter weather, my gray sweater, white scarf, and gray beanie paired perfectly with the white jeans. I completed the outfit by staying in the neutral family with my favorite pair of khaki ankle booties.

Fellow style blogger and friend Kait Lawson shows off her white jeans in the winter too.
I first met Kait through my church growing up in Bloomington/Normal Illinois. As a shy freshman in high school, her spunky outfits and bold style was my inspiration to be more confident in my love for fashion. Through the rest of my high school career Kait had become a mentor for me not only in my fashion, but also in my relationship with Christ. Today, I am honored to reconnect and get the chance to share our love for fashion together through our blogs. Check out her winter white fashion post and an up close look of her cute Nashville lifestyle at KaitLawson.


What I Wore: Sweater/ Similar | Jeans / Similar | Scarf | Beanie | Booties / Similar


Jan 8, 2015

I love a casual look that's comfortable and chic. This outfit is another great way to feel comfortable while still being stylish. I'm bringing back my versatile Little Black Dress (LBD) from last summer. See my LBD posts here. To make the dress appropriate for winter I added my cozy gray cardigan, my gray beanie, and gray knee length socks. Gray is one of my favorite go-to winter colors along with black. Black is a great color for every season and a very dominant color in my closet. By mixing my old LBD with grays, I was able to create a completely different outfit that is appropriate for winter.

Need to be snow ready? Add tights or leggings for a warmer outfit. 


I hope everyone is getting a great start on their New Years Resolutions!
Here are some of the things I am working on this year:
1.) Up-keep with the blog. To be truthful, I have been lacking in the blogger world and I decided this year I would try to be more consistent with my posts. My goal is to post weekly outfits so followers can count on a new look at least four times a month.
2.) Self- image. This year I want to become the best version of myself that I can be; Whether that be on the outside or the inside. I plan on working out more consistently and eating healthier. 
3.) Confidence. I have found that I am my best self when I stop worrying about what others think and let go of others' expectations. When I am being my unique self is when I am the happiest.
4.) Productivity. I have so many dreams! (receive a killer internship, study abroad, be a leader, get awesome grades...just to name a few ha) It's time for me to stop dreaming and start doing something about it.


What I Wore: Target Dress / Similar | Loft Cardigan / Similar | Ankle Booties / Similar | Beanie | Necklaces / Similar / Similar