Dec 31, 2014

Need a last minute idea for the perfect New Years Eve outfit? Look no further. While I love a festive dress and show stoppin' heels, it's typically not very realistic for my New Years plans. I wnt something that I'm comfortable in, yet still leaves an impressionable look. And, of course, has some sparkle. What's a New Years outfit without a little bit of sparkle?? This outfit accomplishes all these things.
This shimmery tank from Macy's was a random find I got during my holiday shopping. It first caught my eye because it was gold. I paired it with my leather coated jeans and my ankle booties for a flawless look that feels effortless and chic.
Want to imitate this look tonight? Here are some other great tanks with shimmer and sparkle. Click on the images to find their location.



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 I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!! 



What I Wore: Top | Jeans / Similar | Booties | Clutch / Similar


Dec 22, 2014

The holiday season can be hectic, to say the least. Every year my family attends three different Christmas celebrations: First, with my immediate family (wearing pjs of course), Second, with father's family out of town, and Third, we travel back in town for my Mother's side of the family. By the end of the day on Christmas, all I want to do is snuggle up in pjs and pass out. For the past couple of years, I have tried to always bring my best to the table when preparing for my holiday outfit. This year I am taking a different approach. Instead of the heels, bright red lips, and skirts, I'm going a more comfy cute route.
Working at Ann Taylor Loft has given me the privilege to see the newest trends come into the store first. Although this is a great opportunity for me to track trends, it also is a temptation for me to buy clothes! As soon as this poncho was being stocked into my store, I knew I had to have it. I had wanted one for a while so I was thrilled when it came to Loft. Because this poncho is so big, it's almost like wearing blanket. Since it is still a Holiday, I wanted to create a look that was both cute and comfortable. I paired the poncho with a basic tee and leggings (almost like wearing pjs). The classic black boots complete the outfit and make it more sophisticated. Not only will I be bringing my best look to the table this year, but I will also be comfortable doing it.
Don't have a poncho? Wear an over-sized cardigan and achieve the same look.

Have a safe and happy holidays!!


How are you staying comfortable for the holidays? Inbox me photos of your holiday outfits at for a chance to be featured on my instagram feed (:

What I Wore: Loft Poncho/ similar / similar


Dec 11, 2014


Warming up for the cold weather is key in the winter and faux fur is a great way to do it. Almost every blogger I follow is wearing the fur this season. There are many ways to wear it. In a coat, vest, and (like mine) a scarf. I might not go as far as a faux fur hat, but anyone who knows how to make it look chic, give me a call. I'll do anything to keep warm.
This scarf that I bought from Target was under $25 bucks. I paired it with this basic, yet a little complex, Tee I got from my shopping trip at Target. I like that this outfit it very basic, but still on trend for the winter. AND all reasonably priced.
Need more ways to warm up this winter? Try wearing this ensemble with a leather jacket and beanie. This outfit can be very versatile for pretty much any age. I suggest if you don't have a striped shirt of some kind to definitely invest in one. Stripes are a staple and go with everything. Mix the stripes with another pattern or texture and some boots, and you got yourself a fool-proof look.