Mastering the Casual Chic- Graphics & Skorts

Oct 2, 2014

Part III.

Another great way to wear my graphic tee for a casual chic look. In this outfit I wore it with an asymmetrical skort. I like this trend particularly, because it is edgy and sleek. It makes me laugh to think that as a kid that this was my mother's solution to keep me covered so I could do cartwheels without exposing my cute barbie stamped undies. Of course, back then, they were made from jean material and were more casual. Today, it has been reinvented to be something almost completely different in its own. It's very different from the 90's version because the design is asymmetrical- creating an edgier and more clean cut look. Basically, it is a black short with triangular-like pieces of fabric placed in the front, that creates an asymmetric cut hem. I have seen many fashionistas dress up the trend by pairing the skort with heels and a blouse for a sexy going out look. As adorable as it is to wear heels, it just isn't realistic for my lifestyle. Opportunities to wear heels are few and far in-between, so instead, I continue to embrace casual chicness.

What I Wore:

In other news, life has been good. I have been truly enjoying my experience here at ISU and living in my apartment. My roommate and I have already decided to move closer to campus next year because that's just how much we love student life. Finding the right place to live is intense. In student apartment world they require resigning and starting new leases as early as October 1st. SO many things factor into an apartment- location, cost, utilities, furnishings, bathroom, size, etc. You would think that by now I should be an expert in housing, but, honestly, I still am lost as all can be. At the end of the day, you make the best of what you've got. Which, I guess, could apply to many areas of my life! We have officially signed with another apartment and I cannot wait to decorate and start the process all over again. I have already started picturing how my things will look in the new place and how I will decorate it. The interior decorator in me is enthralled. I am sure by this time next year, I will have some great pictures of our place to share.