Mastering the Casual Chic- Graphics & Sweats

Sep 11, 2014

Part II.

I love feeling comfortable yet still being fashion forward. I've been slowly mastering this look in baby steps using my graphic tee and layering. In this look I wore my grey and black print graphic with drawstring sweatpants and a chambray button up. Fall decided to come all at once this week in Bloomington/Normal. It was in mid 50s and 60s all week. I'm so not ready to embrace the fall yet. I try to make my summer clothes last longer throughout the different seasons by layering. My chambray is my favorite go-to item for layering. Because it is jean, it works like a neutral and goes with almost everything.

What I Wore:

I have a class I am taking at Illinois State that solely focuses on fads and future trends. Its crazy surprising to me how far in advance designers and forecasters are required to depict upcoming fashions. For instance, the items I wore for this outfit were predetermined by designers up to 2 years in advance. Intense. There is so much more to fashion than just looking cute. By learning about the industry in my classes this semester, I have developed a better understanding of the fashion industry and all its complexity. Not only is fashion forecasted years in advance, but future social trends, lifestyles, and common values are predetermined as well. There are actual people whose careers are based upon finding this information out through newspapers, magazines, and the media. SO many things go into why people act the way they do. It's fascinating to me.

These drawstring, also known as jogger, sweatpants are probably one of the many trends that had previously been predicted to trend by fashion forecasters in the past. I originally bought this pair from Forever21 around winter of 2013. Now I'm starting to see a lot of my classmates wear them too and I predict they will continue to trend throughout the rest of this year. What I like about my pair is that they are casual as if I was wearing pajamas, but not too casual as if I had just rolled out of bed. There are a lot of other different versions of the pants too.

Here are some others I've been envying. Click on the images to find out where they are from.

I have decided to start my weekend early on the account that I have no classes tomorrow! Have a great end to your week y'all.



Mastering the Casual Chic- Graphics & Lace

Sep 8, 2014

Part I.

My favorite go to look right now is this style I like to call "Casual Chic." It's a mix between staples, casuals, and minimalistic fashion. This grey and black graphic is my favorite piece in layering for this style. It says, "Hey, I look cute" but also says, "Whatever. I don't care." Effortless style. This style is also very convenient for school when most students are just walking into class in the yoga pants that they wore doing their homework the night before, as I stroll in wearing statement jewelry and skinny jeans. It bridges the gap between fashionista and student- Not that I don't LOVE being a fashionista.

I mixed feminine and edge for this graphic and lace look. I paired my crochet lace skirt with my graphic T and thoroughly rugged denim jacket. I was impressed with myself the different amounts of texture I used to create this outfit. Lace, denim, and cotton turned out to be a great combo. To complete the outfit I wore simplistic white gladiator sandals and a simple gold name plate necklace.

I have been finding many bloggers who have been on point with this casual chic look. One of my favorite bloggers right now is Sincerely Jules. She always inspires this style for me. It is completely attainable and also very fashion forward. One of the most important things for me as I have continued my education in the fashion department is to always look and play the part. Because the start of a new school year always requires introductions, I try to make a good first impression when people ask me about my major. I commonly find myself in awkward situations at the dentist wearing yoga pants or at the grocery store running errands in sweats when someone dares to ask me what my major is and I shamefully reply, "You may not be able to tell now, but I am a fashion major." I would be lying if I said I always looked the part, but it is definitely something I am working on. This casual chic style that blogger Sincerely Jules so adequately wears will definitely help me put a better foot forward in these types of situations -Because, in fact, I don't know who or what I will be running into on quick run to the dollar tree or midnight runs to Steak'n Shake. Fashion is spread and caught on by word, imitation, news, and location. If wearing mens suiting for women makes it big in the streets of New York, whose to say lil 'ol me might run into a friend who knows a friend who could potentially get me a job that leads me eventually into the fashion business. Did I lose you? Basically, looking the part is super key to a future career and creating the best first impression, especially in the fashion business.

Happy Monday! Start out this week making great impressions.