Sunshine & Sunflowers

Aug 26, 2014

School has finally started and summer is officially over. I can't believe how fast it flew by! I have had a bohemian/hippie vibe in my wardrobe this summer. As an end of the summer hurrah, some of my friends and I celebrated by getting tickets to a Hunter Hayes concert at the State fair. What could be a more perfect excuse to wear the last of my summer clothes than a country concert?! I wore a crop top and high-waisted shorts. The shorts I wore were originally bell-bottom Tommy Hilfiger jeans that I bought from a thrift store in Florida. I cut them into shorts, made rips, holes, and splattered bleach on them to create the final product. These two fads have become icons this summer, and I assume will be the mark of my generation years to come. I cant wait to look back and tell my kids one day how cool everyone thought the crop top was. And, how cool I thought I was for creating my own thrifted high-waisted shorts. Crazy how fashion has the power to shape a generation.

What I Wore:

What Emma Wore:


Because I haven't had time to explore many areas outside my new apartment to take photos, I stayed near where I live to take these pictures. Down the street there is a ton of sunflowers right next to an Illinois State University owned garden. For those local townies out there, it is right across from the good'ol Cornbelter's Stadium. My roommate Emma is always so kind enough to take my photos so I got some pics of her concert outfit too. 
Good luck to everyone starting school this week! Love you guys.

Cheetah Booties

Aug 4, 2014

The brief period between winter and summer is my favorite time to style clothes. Unfortunately, spring is pretty much nonexistent in Illinois due to the seasons going from bitterly cold to ridiculously hot, so I rarely get to dress for this weather. I'm either covering up my cute outfit with a fury winter coat or I am striping down to the bare minimum.

However, for this outfit I strived to create a spring look regardless of mother natures plans. The weather was being bipolar (raining, humid, but still bit chilly), so I decided to pull out my rain booties. These beauties are a favorite of mine not only because they are cute to wear in the rain, but because they're from Walmart. Yes. I'm shocked to admit it myself. I have had them for three years now, and I continue to receive compliments on them. Proof that you don't need expensive name brands to attain a cute style!

I love pairing opposites:
    -sweater with shorts
    -boots with short sleeves
    -jackets with skirts

What I Wore:

Oliver, the dog I have been puppy-sittin' for a friend, decided to join in on the photo shoot. He didn't really understand the concept of looking at the camera, so after awhile I just gave up. 

In other news, I am officially done with summer classes! I could not be more relieved. Taking three classes this summer has really forced me to dig deep and fight my inner procrastination. Lack of motivation for my last three community college classes was at an all time high. I'm typically a good student, but taking three courses, working, and still trying to have an eventful, fun summer turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Now that I am completely done with my associates degree, I can start taking all my fashion classes for my major at ISU. I am excited to start learning more about what I love.

I hope that this blog emulates my passion for fashion and life. I want to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves; not only feeling beautiful on the outside, but on the inside.

Have a great week!