The Little Black Dress- Church Attire Edition

Apr 14, 2014

I've been shopping a lot more at Target lately as I prepare to move out in May. I've been finding lots of odds and ends clearance items that I'm planning on using in my apartment bedroom. I'm so excited to see how everything turns out! I'll have to make sure to post photos on the blog as soon as I'm all settled in. One of my newer additions I found at Target that wasn't in the interior decorating section was this little black dress. The famous Little Black Dress (lbd) is notorious to all fashionistas alike for it's versatility and simplicity. So, I thought I would give it a try. This particular lbd, although a little more on the casual side, was only $20 bucks! Because it is so simple, plain, and loosely fitted, I used it as a blank canvas for my wardrobe. While I was basking in the warm weather of Florida, I came up with three outfits that would be perfect for Spring with this dress; First being "The Church Attire" outfit.

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Express {Similar}


For this outfit I wore ankle booties and a long simple necklace. I wore this outfit to church when we were in Florida. Although this look is decent enough to go to church in, it still remains pretty casual. I really like the khaki color in the boots with the black dress and gold accessories. Typically, lbd's are form fitting and sexy, so I like that this dress is a little different than the norm. It's basically a long t-shirt. The dress is casual and plain making it more versatile and more interchangeable for more occasions. The different possible outfit combinations are endless.

Keep following along to my blog posts for the next two outfits, " The Pool Side Look" and "The Everyday Chic" for more ways to wear my simple Little Black Dress. If y'all didn't know, you can also follow along by signing up through email. Every time a post a new outfit will be sent to you immediately through your email address. If you're interested, you can sign up under my Profile picture to the right where it says 'Follow by Email.' I also post all my outfits to Facebook and Instagram and anyone can follow along by clicking the black circles under my profile picture too. Love ya guys!



Sunday Favorites

Apr 6, 2014

Sunday's are for reflection, faith, and relaxation. I know sometimes we can easily fall into the routine as seeing Sundays as the end of the weekend, when actually, it's the beginning of a new week! So, to remind myself of the blessing that a new week brings, I'm gonna make a point to fuel my soul with good things on Sunday's.
Spring is finally here and my wardrobe is in great need of some color variety. Looking at my closet I realized how many neutrals and darks that I gravitate towards. I desperately need to revamp my color choices. Plus, maybe some brighter colors will bring on some warmer weather. Hopefully, the Illinois' weather will catch on soon... Here are some bright color trends and pieces that are inspiring me for Spring 2014.

1-Floral dress from H&M. Florals, for the most part, have been in style for the past 5 years. It amazes me that even after all this time that it is still trending. I love 'em, though, regardless. Deep down inside I will always be a girly-girl at heart, so florals will always be a must in my book. I particularly like the floral pattern on this dress because it has a tropical feel that surpasses the typical floral print. If I can't be somewhere tropical, at least I could get a little bit of paradise in my outfit.

2-Overall shorts from H&M. I remember being strapped into a similar pair of these babies as a youngin. Proof that everything truly does come back in style. I love this pair of overalls because one, they're distressed and ripped so it doesn't look nerdy, and two, the light-blueish wash color hints at a more Springy look. If I wore them, I would pair them with converse or loafers, a striped tee, and a baseball hat. The look says chic, but also feels lay back.

3-Gladiar shoes from Forever21. Love them. They will literally be apart of almost every outfit I wear once it starts to get warmer out. They are simple, basic, and cute. They practically go with everything and, of course, are super in style right now. The more straps, the better.

4-Kate Spade watch from Nordstrom. I chose this particular watch because of it's sleek design and because of it's neon pink color. The color in the description literally said "Boozoka Pink." That's just how awesome it is. I'm obsessed with this bright pink color for Spring. I like to wear it in small doses like in a piece of jewelry, purse, or shoe. When done in a settle way, it adds color to an outfit and also makes a statement. I am yet to own one of these pretties, but if I were able to afford one in the near future, Kate Spade would be my girl.

What's inspiring you for Spring? I'd love to hear. Hope everyone is having a relaxed and beautiful sun filled Sunday. Have a great start to your week!



Sweet & Simple

Apr 2, 2014

Grey. Blue jean. White. Sweet and simple. I love the way these textures look so great together and I'm not sure why. Going for another easy breezy look in this full on spring outfit. Although white is more accepted throughout the year and has recently just trended this winter, I still consider my white jeans my spring must-have. This look would be something I could wear out to lunch with a friend, but also just a chill Saturday too. A great go-to look whenever I don't know what to wear. 

What I wore:
Grey Top- Men's shirt from Target
Chambray- Express {Similar}
White Jeans- Forever21
Shoes- Converse


This quote has been inspiring me a lot lately. It's awesome how at any moment in time we have the power to change our path and start anew. I'm reminded especially even more that I have a clean slate because I am a daughter in Christ and all my past junk and luggage has been forgotten and forgiven. I have been making big changes in my life and it's been really hard. I want to be happy, inspiring, passionate, and full of life and I haven't honestly been those things in a really long time. Yes. I just announced to the world that my life, in fact, is not perfect! So I'm taking charge of my life. I have lots of changes that are coming up just around the corner; I am moving out (Whoohoo!), I'm starting school at a new university, I'm single, and I'll be turning 21 this year. I have the world in front of me and all I gotta do is put my best foot forward and start. I want to live up to what God intended for me to be. So, I made an inspiration/goal/to-do list thing for the start of this new season in my life.

1.) Start working out 3 times a week. Fitness= hotness
2.) Run a 5k color run because who doesn't wanna run through tons of colors and get messy?
3.) Join a pottery class and make mugs worthy of delicious coffee.
4.) Volunteer at the nursery at church. Babies are cute and make everything better.
5.) Drink lots of water. Water is good.
6.) Take a photography class... Cause you still don't know what the heck you're doing.
7.) Splurge a little more. Eat out at a fancy restaurant. Get a facial. Pamper.
8.) Find a second job so that you can splurge... Cuz. You. Poor.
9.) Go to a art festival and get inspired again.
10.) Make friends. Who the heck knows how... But do it.
11.) Stop thinking about yourself and go on a missions trip. God calls us to be servants.

That's what I have so far. I think it's coming along nicely. It's not anything crazy, but it's a start. If you guys have any list's or goals or bucket lists, share with me! I'd love to hear about it.

Have a good week!