Beanie Sophistication

Feb 26, 2014

Whenever I see beanies my mind screams HIPSTER. I know it's such a stereotype, but I can't help it. For those of you who don't know what Hipsters are.. here's a link to Urban Dictionary. I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a "hipster" but I do love a good beanie. I like the casual edge it can bring to an outfit. There's lots of different ways to wear them, but I tried to wear mine in a sophisticated way that went with the wardrobe I already have. They're a perfect cover up for a bad hair day...which is like every other day in my life. Lately all I have been wearing is black and darks even though I truly do love colors. I apologize for my gloomy color choices in the future. Hopefully some warmer weather will come and brighten my wardrobe soon!

What I'm wearing:
Lace Sweatshirt- Forever21 {Similar}
Leggings- Express
Combat Boots- Kohls
Leather Jacket- Forever21
Beanie- Forever21

A lot of people don't realize that I take my own photos. Literally. I have a camera stand that holds the camera for me, I set a timer, and pose for the picture. Now that I'm taking a lot more photos, my neighbors have had to witness my lovely photo shoots outside their homes. I'm pretty sure they all think I'm super self absorbed for posing by myself. It's really awkward when I'm in the middle of striking a puckered lip and fierce pose and my neighbor comes by walking their dog. Good times. Anyone want to volunteer and help a girl out? I cant wait till it gets warmer out and I can explore and take pictures in new places. With the snow and cold weather I haven't really gotten a chance to go any farther than my own yard. For now, I'll have to endure my neighbors judgement.

I messed with the layout of my blog a little bit more today. What do you guys think? I'm slowly learning. Baby steps!



Leibster Award

Feb 22, 2014

My fellow blogger Southern, Blessed & Loved nominated me for an awesome award called the Leibster Award. It helps new and upcoming bloggers become noticed in the blog world. I am just completely honored! So sweet of you to notice me. And here I thought no one was following along with my posts...

Here is the list of 10 questions she wanted me to answer:

1) What is your go to item in your closet?

My chambray, for sure. The jean-look goes with almost anything. You can dress it up with a statement necklace and printed pants or go for a more causal look by unbuttoning it and wearing it with leggings and boots. It's comfortable and chic so I don't have to necessarily have to try to look all put together just to run errands or go to class.

2) What is your favorite midnight snack?
Ice cream all the way. I eat it almost every night. That's just how much I love it. Add cookie dough and it's a dream come true.

3) If you could vacation anywhere, all expenses paid, where would it be? Who would you take with you?

There are so many places I want to go and visit. Typically my first response would be somewhere warm because I love the beach and Illinois winter is horrible, but lately Paris has been really catching my eye. I am a complete romantic so the first place I'd want to see is the Love Lock bridge. I'd take my boyfriend and we'd lock and throw the key over the bridge. 

4) Do you hold another job besides blogging?

Currently I work part time at Express in the mall in my town. Since I'm still in school, I have much bigger dreams to do more with my life. But, for right now, selling clothes will do (:
5) What do you find the hardest thing about blogging is? What do you enjoy the most?

The hardest thing about blogging is judgement. In my head I have an idea of how I want to be heard and seen, but it doesn't always come across the way I want it to. It's intimidating having the world judge your posts. I want to be noticed and praised for who I am and my work, but others may not see it that way.  I enjoy the feedback the most. I love inspiring others and sharing what I love. It's so encouraging to hear back from people who do like and follow my posts.

6) If you could meet any celebrity who would it be? What would you do with him or her?

There are so many people I would love to meet. Mostly famous fashionistas with killer style. The top on my list to meet right now would be Whitney Port. From what she posts in the media, she seems like such a unique, uplifting, and well rounded person. Plus, I love her style. It's unique, yet very simple and stylish. I first noticed her when she was in the show The Hills working for a magazine. She has her own fashion line called Whitney Eve. One of my biggest dreams has been to have my own line of clothing. Her work is so inspiring to me. If I could spend the day with her, I'd probably just want to follow her around at fashion shows and her everyday glamorous life.
7) What is your favorite thing to do on your day off/weekends?

I love spending time with my boyfriend so anything we do together is my favorite thing. In the summer we like to try out new restaurants and ice cream places in downtown Bloomington/Normal where I live. Sometimes we just walk around and take pictures and take in the scenery.
8) What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?
So much! I still have two years or so left of school so I hope to graduate. I hope to find a job and maybe, just possibly, get married. God's plans for my life always prevail for my own preconceived ideas I have for my life. Who knows what God's got in store for me. 

9) What is your favorite joke?

I couldn't think of a specific joke that was my favorite, but I love the TV show New Girl. So any joke said on that show are probably all my new favorites. Zoe Deschanel is super quirky and innocent and I love it. 

10) What blogs do you just love?

One of the first blogs I ever started following was KendiEveryday. Her everyday style is classy and casual for any girl who wants to attain chicness. She owns her own shop called Shop Bloom, which I think is just awesome. Another blogger I follow is SincerelyJules. Her style is casual and fun. She tries out new styles, but presents them in a realistic and attainable way where anyone could wear them. I like how she has a sense of simplicity to all her outfits, making basic staples unique again.

Hugs & Kisses

Feb 19, 2014

Valentines day was this past Friday and I got to spend time with my boyfriend Andrew. Originally our plan was to grab dinner and walk around Uptown Normal, but Mother Nature decided to change our plans. I think it's safe to say for everyone in Central Illinois that the snow storms and below freezing weather is getting a little old. As soon as the snow has been plowed in the streets and begins to melt, God says "Ha! And you thought that that was the end of it..." He is a funny God.

So instead of sloshing through the snow we played Mario party, went to dinner at Midici's, and rented movies. As women, especially me, we sometimes like to set these high expectations for our men on anniversary's and valentines. At first I was bummed about the snow, but in a way it was a much needed reality check. A person's love for someone else shouldn't be measured by the price tag or the extravagant plans made. Not that I'd mind having those things, it just made me realize how all of it doesn't really matter. I would have been just as happy to curl up, watch a movie, and mayybee sneak in a glass of wine haha. Even though our plans changed, our love for each other still remains. I apologize for being so cheesy, but its true. That's all that matters in the end anyways. What more could a girl ask for? (((:

For dinner I still tried to dress up a little bit. I couldn't help myself but wear a bright red lip. Andrew hates when I wear lipstick, but let's face it... It's Valentines day! I somehow managed to walk in my heels without falling in the snow. I was pretttyyy proud.

What I'm wearing:
Top- Express
Leather Leggings- Express
Booties- Macy's
Fur Vest- H&M

I just might have fallen on the ice a couple of times while I was posing for these photos... but we don't talk about it haha.

Thanks for listening!



Turtle Neck Action

Feb 13, 2014

I use to hate turtle necks. Even when they were "in" during the 90's, I hated when my mother made me wear one. I always thought they were itchy and uncomfortable so I am astonished that I found one I actually like! I started with a baby step and got one with a small neck and loosely fitted. I've been going crazy on Pinterest lately pinning chic ways to wear these turtle necks and I've learned that the chunkier, the better. Practically speaking, they also keep you warm (which is nice if you live in Illinois and the winter is hell).

What I'm wearing:
Turtle neck Sweater- Express
Striped Top- Ross
Jeans- Express
Booties- Macy's
Watch- Khols
Glasses- Michael Kors/ my eye doctors office 


Life has been a little bit more stressful
lately now that school has really picked up. It's hard trying to find a happy balance between school, work, and fun. Plus add family drama and a steady boyfriend on top of it, it's hard to please everyone's wants and needs. So instead of being productive, I stress myself out by procrastinating and watching Netflix; every college kids happy place. It's addictive. I've currently been watching Friday Night Lights.. It's pretty good (:

On a happier note, Valentines Day is Friday! My boyfriend and I plan on going out on the town, aka Uptown/Downtown Normal and making a night of it. Big stuff. The perfect excuse to dress up and blog about it. My favorite.

Stay warm! Lots of love.



In the Eye of the Beholder

Feb 5, 2014

I can’t remember a time where art hasn't been a part of my life. I can honestly say that art has always been a passion of mine. As a little girl I entered every art contest imaginable. From the small free meal contests on the back of coloring menu's in restaurants to the Tar Wars build board contests against drugs; I loved to draw. It fueled me as a young child and it still continues to inspire me today. I'm not necessarily looking to become a professional artist, but I know I never want to stop making art. I don't need the satisfaction of buyers and other people’s approval to do something that makes me happy (but if I did make money from it, I wouldn’t mind haha). There's just something about art that makes it so satisfying to me. It's beautiful.

Fashion is another way I've learned to express my love for art. I started to realize how much I loved fashion around my 4th and 5th grade year of Elementary school. Although back then I really had no clue what I was doing, I soon became my friends' personal stylists; Showing them how to wear their popped collars and Hollister graphics (Super fashionable. I know). Like most junior high and high school girls, I was super insecure about my own beauty. Fashion gave me confidence to believe in myself and feel beautiful. I'm not an outspoken person or someone whose super outgoing, but fashion gave me that outlet to show who I was without words. It's not necessarily about being someone who is pampered and always put together, but it’s how I express my personality and individuality. I think a lot of times being into fashion can be misread negatively as being snooty or better than someone else, but that's not how I feel about it at all. As I've gotten older I've learned more and more about my own style. Not that I wear anything super crazy and out of the box, but I use to be so afraid of what others thought of what I wore. Once I started to see fashion as an art, I didn't care what people thought anymore. It's how I express myself and no one can say that it’s wrong.

In high school my style was very preppy and girly, but as I've gotten older, I'm not sure if there really is a definition of what I am. So, I asked my mom for help. She described my style as Modern Classic because a lot of the clothes I wear are modern re-dos from the 50's, 60's, 80's, etc. In general, I like a lot of different styles and it's constantly changing. For those of you following along, hopefully everyone can relate and be inspired by the variations of my style. (P.S.- My mom is over joyed that I even mentioned her in the blog lol)

I fell upon some of my old sketches that I thought I would share with you guys. Since the weather has been super crappy, I haven't found the time to take pictures of my outfits lately. So instead, I came up with this. Some of these pieces are back from when I was in high school and some are from more recently.






Hopefully I will be posting some new outfits up soon. Thanks for baring with me (: