Plaid & Stripes

Jan 30, 2014

Plaid has been super popular this fall/winter. I was inspired especially over Christmas with this red plaid button up. It goes perfect under all my sweaters. It's comfortable and chic. If you haven't noticed, I love patterns. Cheetah, stripes, and polka dots are some of my favorite prints. Maybe over doing it, but I wore three patterns in this outfit.

What I'm wearing: 
Plaid flannel: Forever21
Jeans: Express
Flats: Express
Striped Top: Ross For Less

I try to be reasonable when it comes to my clothes. It's rare that I spend the full asking price for a piece of clothing. I'm a big advocate of coupons and deals. I love the fashion blogs I follow, but Chanel and Kate Spade are only seen on me in my dreams. Don't get me wrong, I would love to own couture, but I love the style, not the brand. Some of my favorite places to shop are H&M, Forever21, and Target. All their clothing is reasonably priced and they almost always have a good deal going on... Which is nice for a poor college student like me. A lot of my clothing also comes from Express. I've been working there for the past two years and associates are expected to wear at the least their jeans (but pretty much everyone who works there wears all their clothes too). It's my biggest weakness. As horrible as it is, most of my paychecks go back into the store. Horrible! I know. But I'm getting better. All Shopaholics are welcome here. We can start a club haha. 

Anyways... I hope you guys are following along with my posts. It's weird how therapeutic blogging can be. It has been really nice to share my style and do what I love to do!



In the Life of Me

Jan 26, 2014

My full name is Jacqueline Rose Wallace. I am a 20 year old sophomore at Heartland Community College in Bloomington/Normal Illinois. Once I transfer to Illinois State University in the fall, my declared majors will be Fashion Design and Graphic Design. Wanna know more about me? Here's some interesting facts:

1- I've lived in Bloomington my whole life... besides one semester of school I did in Chicago, but that doesn't really count.
2- I have a dog named Teddy that I love to death. He is a Yorkie mix, but he looks more like a Schnauzer. He's ornery, and quite frankly, a really bad dog... but I love him anyways.

3- I could eat pasta for every meal... And I totally would if I could.

4- I have a permanent sweet tooth. I eat ice cream almost every night. I'm addicted. 

5-Not sure how... but I made Homecoming and Prom Court in high school.

6- Although it's super cheesy and pathetic, I have watched the Notebook probably 100 plus times. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.

7- I always write in cursive.

8- I wear two rings everyday- My purity ring that I gave myself and the promise ring that my boyfriend gave to me in high school.

9- I was born into a predominantly white family, but I swear I have black girl lips. 

10- I have two sisters- My older sister Stephanie who is a 21 year old red head accounting student. Jessica, my younger sister, is a 16 year old brunette still in high school. (According to our parents we were all born from the same mom and dad).

Me, Stephanie, Jessica

11- I try to glorify God in everything I do. Including fashion. I'm not perfect, but I know he loves me anyways.

12- If I had all the time and resources in the world, I would "DIY" everything.

13- I can be a loud and funny person, but only the most intimate people in my life witness it.

14- I have always loved art. As a child, I would use the walls of our family home as the canvas for my drawings. It's a skill that has always brought me great joy.

Pencil sketch.

Oil painting of Twiggy

I wish I had some more interesting stuff to tell you guys about me... but this is all I could come up with for now haha. I guess you could say that I'm a pretty average gal. Comment. Ask questions. Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to hear from everyone (:

More outfit posts coming soon!



Pretty in Pink

Jan 25, 2014

My classes this semester have been... interesting. The people in my classes are...more interesting. There's  just something about community college that brings the worst out of people (including me). But I am beyond excited to say that this is officially my last semester at Heartland Community College before I transfer to Illinois State. I'm not gonna lie. Because it's been so cold, I've been slacking in the fashion department. I wake up on school mornings at 6:30 am and I literally look like someone punched me upside of  my face from the dark circles that sag under my eyes. But it's fine.. School's worth it, right?

For this outfit I attempted to look cute, yet still be comfortable for my 8 am Microeconomics class. Wearing bright colors in the winter is hard. I tend to gravitate towards darks, especially black, when it's cold outside (Plus, you can't go wrong wearing black).  I tried to add color to my look by wearing a bright pink neon sweater. In the winter, layers are key. I am wearing a button-up collared top under my sweater and a puffer vest on top of everything. This look is one of my favorite go-to looks because it's easy, cute, and comfortable. This combo is interchangeable with infinite amount of combinations. One of my other favorite ways to wear this outfit is with my plaid flannel top under my polka dot sweater ( See it here ). Its fun, preppy, and simple.

What I am wearing:
Pink Sweater: Forever21- { Similar here }
Leggings: Express
Boots: Express - { Similar here }
Collared Button-up: my sister's closet - { Similar here }
Necklace: American Eagle - { Similar here }
Puffer Vest: Target - { Similar here }


Also, want to know more about me? An "About Me" post will be coming soon!

Thanks for listening.



A Girl Can Dream

Jan 21, 2014

So, now that my blog is officially up and running, I'm realizing how much technical stuff goes into having a blog. I really don't understand how to work most of the gadgets and such, but I'm slowly learning! I designed my "JacquiRose" header on Paint on my computer.. pretty high tech. I know. Oh, and did I mention I just got a new camera? So I'm still learning to get the kinks out of my photos too...

For those of you who don't know... Illinois' weather has been the least enjoyable lately. Winters here are long and dreary and summers are bi-polar and short. Today it's below freezing, so that's awesome. To say the least, I am ready for some warmer weather! It's only January, but a girl can still dream.

Since it's still pretty cold here, it's difficult to find a happy medium of warmth and cuteness without loosing site of an outfit under all the puff of scarves, hats, and winter coats. But, for this outfit, I bared the cold and wore a tweed jacket (it's actually a sweater, but I like to pretend it's tweed).

What I'm wearing:
Jacket(Tweed) Sweater- Target
White T- Target
Leather Leggings- Forever21
Booties- Macy's
Necklace- Icing

More posts coming soon!



The Blog Life

Jan 13, 2014

It's official.

I am finally starting a blog! I have been wanting to start one since.. forever. I'm siked to say that the moment is finally here. If you have even remotely gotten to know me, you would know that I love fashion. It's a beautiful way to express my personality and style in art. I love to create and inspire others, whether that be through fashion, crafts, art or even pinterest how-to's.

Since I'm new at this, bare with me! I want everyone to like me and I don't want to mess up. If you guys have advice for me or tips, feel free to comment. Hopefully, I will have some new posts up soon! So excited to share with everyone my love for fashion.


New Blogger,



Check out my Instagram for new blog posts and an up to date view in the life of me. Before I got the courage to start a blog, my outlet for style and creativity was through this app. I love using Instagram because it was the perfect way to express myself without doing all the work and being as legit as a blogger.

Here are a few of my favorite posts over the years: