Dec 31, 2014

Need a last minute idea for the perfect New Years Eve outfit? Look no further. While I love a festive dress and show stoppin' heels, it's typically not very realistic for my New Years plans. I wnt something that I'm comfortable in, yet still leaves an impressionable look. And, of course, has some sparkle. What's a New Years outfit without a little bit of sparkle?? This outfit accomplishes all these things.
This shimmery tank from Macy's was a random find I got during my holiday shopping. It first caught my eye because it was gold. I paired it with my leather coated jeans and my ankle booties for a flawless look that feels effortless and chic.
Want to imitate this look tonight? Here are some other great tanks with shimmer and sparkle. Click on the images to find their location.



product image 


 I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!! 



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Dec 22, 2014

The holiday season can be hectic, to say the least. Every year my family attends three different Christmas celebrations: First, with my immediate family (wearing pjs of course), Second, with father's family out of town, and Third, we travel back in town for my Mother's side of the family. By the end of the day on Christmas, all I want to do is snuggle up in pjs and pass out. For the past couple of years, I have tried to always bring my best to the table when preparing for my holiday outfit. This year I am taking a different approach. Instead of the heels, bright red lips, and skirts, I'm going a more comfy cute route.
Working at Ann Taylor Loft has given me the privilege to see the newest trends come into the store first. Although this is a great opportunity for me to track trends, it also is a temptation for me to buy clothes! As soon as this poncho was being stocked into my store, I knew I had to have it. I had wanted one for a while so I was thrilled when it came to Loft. Because this poncho is so big, it's almost like wearing blanket. Since it is still a Holiday, I wanted to create a look that was both cute and comfortable. I paired the poncho with a basic tee and leggings (almost like wearing pjs). The classic black boots complete the outfit and make it more sophisticated. Not only will I be bringing my best look to the table this year, but I will also be comfortable doing it.
Don't have a poncho? Wear an over-sized cardigan and achieve the same look.

Have a safe and happy holidays!!


How are you staying comfortable for the holidays? Inbox me photos of your holiday outfits at for a chance to be featured on my instagram feed (:

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Dec 11, 2014


Warming up for the cold weather is key in the winter and faux fur is a great way to do it. Almost every blogger I follow is wearing the fur this season. There are many ways to wear it. In a coat, vest, and (like mine) a scarf. I might not go as far as a faux fur hat, but anyone who knows how to make it look chic, give me a call. I'll do anything to keep warm.
This scarf that I bought from Target was under $25 bucks. I paired it with this basic, yet a little complex, Tee I got from my shopping trip at Target. I like that this outfit it very basic, but still on trend for the winter. AND all reasonably priced.
Need more ways to warm up this winter? Try wearing this ensemble with a leather jacket and beanie. This outfit can be very versatile for pretty much any age. I suggest if you don't have a striped shirt of some kind to definitely invest in one. Stripes are a staple and go with everything. Mix the stripes with another pattern or texture and some boots, and you got yourself a fool-proof look.




Nov 10, 2014

Yes. I love Camo. Is it obvious? I know I have presented these Camo skinnies in a style post before, but this is something new. Unlike my other Camouflage outfit posts (you can see them here), this outfit is more sophisticated and less edgy. Now that I am a junior in college, I like to consider myself fairly sophisticated. As I prepare for my future in fashion, it can only be beneficial to my career. Sophistication is always in style!

The accessories are key to making this outfit more sophisticated: Ballet flats, a statement necklace, a watch, and an over-sized purse. Other accessories such as wide-rimmed glasses, pearl earrings, or a bold lip are also easy ways to transform an everyday casual outfit look to be a lil more classy and sophisticated.

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In other news, I'm officially 21!! -that's weird to say. Not much has changed other than the fact I can legally drink alcohol whenever I want now. I'll try to keep it at a minimum of 6 days a week. 
But, I am excited to explore the bar life with friends and enjoy a glass of wine on occasion (:

What I have been craving lately.

 A big faux fur coat. Love.

 This checkered print is so basic yet has the power to make any outfit feel so chic.

 I would wear them with everything if I had a pair. Going to the top of my xmas list.

 Cozy blankets and candles. It's just that time of year where all I want to do in the evening is cuddle up by a fire swarmed by the aroma of spiced scents.

 The poncho is coming back in style. On the search for the perfect one to add to my fall/winter wardrobe.

 Again, with the stripes and simplicity. It has a way of being so basic yet so complex. Makes me want play with paints and patterns and, oddly enough, sharpies.

 Make up tutorials are super convenient and are nice for someone like me who has had the same makeup routine for the last 6 years.

The Man Bun. It's been trending and.. I like it. I don't understand it quite myself, but I cannot lie.

I've been getting inspired by anything and everything lately. Most likely my self-conscious telling me to work on my art again. If only I had enough time, space, supplies, and motivation! (or maybe just enough money to buy all the clothes I want...) I'll let y'all know if anything changes.

Have a great week.



Hey November.

Nov 3, 2014

Well hey there November. To say time has gone fast these past couple of months would be an understatement. I have not been able to put up a new post up on the blog for a while now, but I will do my best to make up for it (: I have been completely immersed in school, work, and friends this fall. Oh ya.. by the way. It's already fall! And while Illinois weather absolutely beautiful in the fall, it is also very very short. If only the pretty fall leaves and weather would stay here longer! (but I know that its a fat chance here in Bloomington/Normal)
In this post, I captured the short fall season with my cute military jacket. Typically, I would pair this olive green jacket with combat boots and a plaid shirt, but since it was relatively nice out I used the jacket to help transition my summer look into fall. Unfortunately, I probably wont be able to wear these light layers for much longer. Eventually I'll need a full on winter coat and scarf! After experiencing a very cold Halloween weekend- which by the way I rocked in my workout Barbie and vampire costumes- I am already over the cold. Lots to catch you guys up on! The top I wore is a white imitation leather lace-looking top with a sheer base. I wore my once full on black, now charcoal jeans with my always favorite cheetah loafers. I added some simple stranded necklaces to complete this fall transition look.

What I Wore:
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I have been staying busy this past month to say the least. I feel like it literally flew by. Here are some photos to catch you guys up.

 Apple orchard with the fam.

Carved pumpkins with good friends.
 Halloween festivities. 

Hope you guys are having a relaxed and chill Monday. Have a great rest of the week. More posts to come soon. I promise (;



Mastering the Casual Chic- Graphics & Skorts

Oct 2, 2014

Part III.

Another great way to wear my graphic tee for a casual chic look. In this outfit I wore it with an asymmetrical skort. I like this trend particularly, because it is edgy and sleek. It makes me laugh to think that as a kid that this was my mother's solution to keep me covered so I could do cartwheels without exposing my cute barbie stamped undies. Of course, back then, they were made from jean material and were more casual. Today, it has been reinvented to be something almost completely different in its own. It's very different from the 90's version because the design is asymmetrical- creating an edgier and more clean cut look. Basically, it is a black short with triangular-like pieces of fabric placed in the front, that creates an asymmetric cut hem. I have seen many fashionistas dress up the trend by pairing the skort with heels and a blouse for a sexy going out look. As adorable as it is to wear heels, it just isn't realistic for my lifestyle. Opportunities to wear heels are few and far in-between, so instead, I continue to embrace casual chicness.

What I Wore:

In other news, life has been good. I have been truly enjoying my experience here at ISU and living in my apartment. My roommate and I have already decided to move closer to campus next year because that's just how much we love student life. Finding the right place to live is intense. In student apartment world they require resigning and starting new leases as early as October 1st. SO many things factor into an apartment- location, cost, utilities, furnishings, bathroom, size, etc. You would think that by now I should be an expert in housing, but, honestly, I still am lost as all can be. At the end of the day, you make the best of what you've got. Which, I guess, could apply to many areas of my life! We have officially signed with another apartment and I cannot wait to decorate and start the process all over again. I have already started picturing how my things will look in the new place and how I will decorate it. The interior decorator in me is enthralled. I am sure by this time next year, I will have some great pictures of our place to share.