Apr 10, 2016

This past week I stayed pretty consistent throughout my sabbatical and didn't buy any new clothing - mostly because I'm so busy. 
It was Friday night at the local boutique I shop at and the store was empty of customers. I started looking at the items in the clearance and realized I've wanted the same garments consistently throughout the sabbatical. After considering what I would wear them with and why I needed them, I went ahead and bought three tops. Since they were 50% and I had wanted them for the past couple months, I justified the purchase. It was nice to treat myself to something new since I've been so stressed preparing for the fashion show. This time around when I was stressed, I did it less impulsively and made sure they were items I really wanted.

I hope to continue my process of consideration with shopping in the future. I think when I take into consideration why I really want the item and if I really need it, it helps me to make a better purchase that won't just sit in the back of my closet unworn. 

I will always be an avid shopper, whether that be used clothing or new, but after this sabbatical, I've realized to make better choices with what I buy. I think the shopping sabbatical has really taught me what is a want vs a need and has helped me evaluate the clothing I already have. 
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