Apr 3, 2016

Hello long lost friend. My freedom to shop is officially back and the sabbatical is over. To my surprise, even with my eagerness to spend money on clothes, I didn't spend a dime on shopping. To say I am busy right now would be an understatement. I'm investing all my time at work, school, and creating my designs for the fashion show, that even though I could shop again, I didn't have the time to actually shop! 

Although most of the students are reaping the benefits of being on the shopping sabbatical, my wallet is consistently empty since my funds are all going towards fabric and the occasional coffee - and by occasional I mean consistent and frequent doses of caffeine. In a way this sabbatical has been a blessing because it has kept me from unnecessary spending during a time where I've been strained for money to buy fabric. 

From this experience, not only have I realized how much of my money goes into clothes, it's also made me realize the fine line between a want and need. After waiting to buy the things I have been wanting, my list actually shortened instead of get longer. I love fashion and I most likely always will, but constantly buying trendy clothing does not make me fashionable. My style is what makes me fashionable and I shouldn't have to rely on buying a new piece of clothing to achieve it - otherwise I probably didn't have much personal style to begin with. 
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