DIY Room Painting

Jun 24, 2014

Hope everyone is having a great week. It is officially summer and I couldn't be more happy (: If you guys remember, I posted a couple weeks back about my new apartment. Most of the things I use to decorate my place I am honored to say were either thrifted or created by me. One of the pieces I did create was this gold arrow painting I made for over my bed. I have been trying to  challenge myself this summer to keep working on my art.

Here is the process I went through to make this painting. It consisted of lots of layers, splatters, and finger painting. It got a bit messy, but that just made it all that much more fun. Anyone at home could easily recreate something like this using basic acrylic paints without any knowledge of technique or style.

I have been in this video making art kick. I hope you guys like it. If you have any trouble uploading this video of the last post's, let me know!

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!



Art: Beautiful Things Don't Ask for Attention

Jun 19, 2014

On my long list of things to do this summer, making art was at the top. A blogger I follow, The Happy Goose, does a fantastic job of showcasing her art. Her videos inspired me to try it myself. This painting did not take a lot of intricate work because I wanted to create this piece purely off of spur of the moment inspiration. I didn't really have much of a plan other than wanting the quote,"Beautiful things don't ask for attention" somewhere on the canvas. You can see as you watch the video that I change my mind often- but it's the process that makes art beautiful.

Here's the video I put together working on this piece.

It doesn't take a ton of talent to create something like this, but it was just fun to make something without purpose and, Just. Do. I encourage anyone who is interested in art or who is wanting to discover more of their creative side to grab all their art supplies, a blank canvas, and "just go." You don't need an art degree to be able to create something beautiful (Not that I don't encourage an arts degree, considering, I am an art student). Art should make you happy- otherwise, why the hell would you create it? Rather than spending time trying to understand the interpretation and dissecting the work, the best way to create art is to purely be you. Bright, colorful, and pretty art may not be considered great pieces of art, but it makes me happy. Anyone who has a problem with it can just go to Paris and be miserable for the rest of their starving artistic lives. (Yes. This is totally directed to you Professor Frumpy Pant Art History Teacher.) I'm not a professional artist, but at least I'm doing what makes me happy.

Do what you enjoy and don't let anyone tell you different.

Have a H-A-P-P-Y rest of the week and take time to do something personally your own.



DIY: Polkadot Gift Wrap

Jun 12, 2014

Since it's that time of year where everyone is graduating, I thought I would do a DIY gift wrap how to for y'all. My sister just recently graduated from college and i wanted a cute and cheap way to wrap her gift. I used items that my family had kept around the house and cheap dollar store finds to make this a super cute and cheap way to wrap a gift for any occasion.

These are the supplies you'll need:
- Used brown paper bag
- Acrylic Paint
- Old pencil
- Tape
- Scissors
- Ribbon
Plus, whatever else you want to use to decorate the gift...

I started out by unfolding the used Olive Garden back the best that I could. I took out the handles and pressed the bag flat with an iron. I then, wrapped my gift with white tissue paper to protect the gift just in case. 

I began to wrap the gift like I normally would, making sure to fold the edges of the construction paper for smooth edges. The paper turned out to be pretty crinkled up, but I kinda just went with it.

Before I started painting away, I pinched the sides of the package to create a crisp clean look around the gift. Depending on what you are wrapping, you may or may not want to do this. Since my gift was relatively thin, pinching the edges made it look more clean. Once the construction paper looked relatively neat, I started to paint.

 Using an old pencil, I dipped the eraser end of the utensil as a stamp for my hot pink polka dots. To go with the grungy and casual look of the brown paper, I placed the dots relatively random- filling in areas where it looked liked it needed more dots. I used a hot pink paint because I liked the bright contrast against the bag. I was considering using a gold sparkle glue, but it didn't give the pop of color that I was looking for. If you feel pretty confident in your crafting skills, the eraser can be a great tool to make intricate designs other than dots. I just stuck with polka dots because it was sweet, simple, and cute enough for me.

I finished off the gift wrap by adding a hot pink bow that we had laying around the house that was probably used for a previous gift. All for almost no cost I made a quick and simple gift wrap that was thoughtful and cute.

TGIF!! Hope y'all have a great weekend (:



Apartment Life

Jun 5, 2014

It has officially been 2 weeks since I've been moved into my apartment. My roommate Emma and I were really excited to start decorating our place. From bargain shopping at TjMax to the clearance sales at Hobby Lobby, we found some really fun items, unique to our apartment. All together we spent a little under $100 -Not too bad for what we got. To say the least, we are very proud of how everything turned out. Cutest apartment in town, for sure (:

My Room

Most of my things, I am proud to say, were either thrifted or DIY'd by me. 
-The dresser and end table my mom had previously bought at a garage sale were givin to me as a gift. I painted them white myself and spray painted the handles gold.
-The picture above my bed I painted myself using spray paint, acrylic paint, and glitter I had already owned. (How to recreate my piece post coming soon..).
-My jewelry holder in my bathroom I made from a branch from my backyard at home.
-All the pottery/artwork/trinkets are pieces I have made from over the years.

 The Living Room

Somehow from shopping around at Hobby Lobby and TjMaxx, owls caught our eye. Because of the orange accent wall that was already painted when we moved in, Emma and I tried to coordinate with this bold color in the living room as well. We added the colors blue, black, and beige to tie in the theme.

We are very privileged to have both a dishwasher and laundry room in our apartment. We learned very quickly that we both love our coffee. The wire coffee piece was one of our first purchases. So far we have had really extravagant dinners consisting of Ramen Noodles and grilled cheese being our expertise. So far we haven't gone a week yet without making at least one batch of cookies or brownies. Maybe not the best diet, but YOLO (:

Emma's Room

We both have the luxury of our own bathrooms and full sized beds. We are both very happy how everything turned out, showing it off to our friends in family whenever we get the chance. If you guys have any questions or want to know where anything is from, ask away! Some step-by-step how-to's of some of the things I made coming soon!



Sunday Favorites

Jun 1, 2014

Today on my Sunday Favorites I'm excited for all things summer. Here are just a few of the trends catching my eye right now.
1. The Kimono- I'm really excited about this new trend because it is lay back, comfortable, with a taste of bohemian. This one has a floral pattern that adds some color to a summer look. I would pair the kimono with a lace cami tucked into highwasted distressed shorts with gladiator sandals for a summery bohemian look.

2. The Sun Hat- I've been on the search for the perfect floppy hat for years. I really like this specific one because it is black, so it pretty much goes with everything and can be dressed up if needed. I would wear this hat with a flowy sundress or just to the pool in my swimsuit. 

3. The Heart Sunnies- I'm pretty sure I had a pair just like this when I was six years old. They are so girly and fun. This pair has a tint of pink to it that makes me want to buy it even more. This goes with anything and everything summer.

4. The Ankle Strap Heel- These heels scream chic. They are the perfect sleek and basic heel to pair great with anything dressed up outfit. I would wear these heels with a skirt or dress for a fun summer night out on the town.

5. The Asymmetric Short- These have been trending on my Pinterest feed a lot lately. I like that they are bringing the skort trend from the 90's back in a new and fashionable way. The black pair I own I like a lot because they are super comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. I like particularly this white short because it is perfect for summer against tan skin that I hope to get this summer. I would wear this pair with converse sneakers and a black tee for a casual look or with a flowy top tucked into it with strappy heals.

So what's inspiring you guys? I'm trying to bring more color in my style, but even creating this post I gravitated towards all nuetrals. Any colorful fashion trends catching your eye lately? Comment and reply back! I'd love to hear your guys' feedback (:

Here's some inspiration for awesomeness this week.

Let's start this week out right with some confidence, passion, and fashion!!!