Spring Fling

May 29, 2014

My days lately have consisted of working, going to the pool, and hanging out with friends. Life on my own is turning out to be great - at least until I have to start paying the bills. I've been a bit behind on my blog posts (this outfit is what I wore on Easter), but I figured wasting a perfectly good outfit would be a shame! Also, this is still an outfit anyone could wear throughout the rest of the summer.

Easter, to me, marks the first day of spring fashion. It is typically the first day that I start to wear my spring dresses, florals, and bright colors. I chose to wear a blush pink sweetheart shear top which epitomizes my spring inspirations. I paired it with a cream lace crocheted pencil skirt that continues to be one of my favorite spring/summer trends from last year. I tied it together with my wedged sandals for a feminine and classy look. Perfect for spring! I'll take any excuse to wear heels because I rarely get the opportunity.

What I Wore:
Top {Similar}
Necklace {Similar}


This is my favorite time of the year. Although I am a Fall baby, something about spring just makes me happy. The flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, the clothes are cuter- You just can't go wrong. 

I got a chance to catch up with family over Easter. It's always nice being around people who love you, have seen you grow up, and know your true self. 

Here are some photos we took from our Easter celebrations

The fam & the grandparents.

I promise I will start getting better about writing my posts in a timely matter. I'm excited to share all my summer outfits, style inspirations, projects, and adventures in my new place. It's crazy how moving out of my childhood home has taught me to appreciate life a lot more and to try new things. I'm still learning (it's only been two weeks), but I think I got this big kid life down. Many more exciting posts to come!

Thanks for following along!



The Crop Top

May 21, 2014

The crop top frenzy has officially hit the fashion market on overload. Not only is it streaming in almost every popular teen clothing store, but they have become the staple for every lady's summer wardrobe. Many people speculated the trend at first, including myself! My first impression was that it was too risque. There is always a right and wrong way to wear a trend. The crop top can be especially tricky because there is a very fine line between looking classy and looking like a hoochie mama. I have a modest style and try leave some room for the imagination, but every girl should feel sexy every once in a while. Hopefully you'll agree that this outfit is a happy medium - capturing both class and a lil bit of sexy (;

What I Wore:
Crop {Similar}
Necklace {Similar}

On a side note, I am officially a big kid! I have moved out of my parents house to my own in apartment near ISU's campus. I feel so much more grown up and responsible now that I am out on my own. My roomie and I have already decorated the place and we are really proud of ourselves. I will post pictures soon of all our progress. I can't wait to show off our place and make many memories here.



The Little Black Dress- Pool Side Look

May 12, 2014

As I sit here in my yoga pants and fuzzy socks surrounded by my abundant collection of things in boxes that I have collected over the years, I realize how totally over my head I am right now with life. As I am SO excited to be moving out this weekend, it is unfortunate that finals happens to be during the same week that I prepare to move out of my childhood home. Besides my dysfunctional mess of a room and the canker sore forming in the side of my mouth, I'd say I've fairly got everything under control... prayers are always helpful though.

It seems a little unusual that this blog post is about a look to wear at the pool - considering it's been raining all week here in Bloomington, Illinois - but I'm just gonna role with it. This is my third look to my Little Black Dress series. I've seen many bloggers show how to wear one piece in different ways, and I was inspired to do the same. I didn't really anticipate I would take so long to do these three posts... but at least I am finishing it now! ;)

Pool Side Look:

What I wore:
Sandals {Similar}

I can't wait to wear this look this summer to the pool outside my apartment! Yes. Did I mention my place had a pool?! It's such a simple and cute cover up to slide on before heading out to the beach or pool. Because the dress is loosely fitted, I tied the side corner into a knot to make it even more casual and laid back. Grab some sunnies, a hat, sun lotion, a good book and I'm ready to go. Take me now. 

Although it may be a little odd that I'm doing such a summery post today, it's inspiring me to do well on my finals so that I can lay out in this outfit this summer, stress free of school! (Well besides the three other summer classes I'm taking, but I can pretend! )

To catch you guys up... Here are some photos from my life the past couple of weeks.

For those of you lucky kids who are out of school and/or done with school for the summer, congrats. I wish I could be you. And a quick shout out to my big sis who just graduated this past weekend... Your awesome!! Love you.

I also got the chance to do my little sister's hair and makeup for her prom! It made me miss getting dressed up and all cute for back in the day for dances. I secretly wished she could take me with her. Her dress was so pretty! She was the most gorgeous girl there.

Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week. I hope you guys are still following along. Sorry I have been so lazy and haven't kept up with my blog!



The Little Black Dress- Everyday Chic

May 10, 2014

Day 2 of my little black dress. This outfit I am calling "Everyday Chic" because it's casual and would be appropriate to wear to class, out with friends, or a date. I'm still wearing my black t-shirt dress from Target, but I added my chambray, a bold necklace, and sandals. In the summer, this outfit will be a perfect go-to for a cute and comfortable look.

What I'm Wearing:
Lbd- Target
Chambray- Express
Sandals- Blowfish
Necklace- Jewelry Expo {Similar}

Looking back at these pictures makes me super envious of Southerners and their warm weather. I know I have been talking a lot about weather on my blog lately, but I'm jus so darn sick of being cold. I really think I live in the wrong state. Southern charm, classy women, Bible huggers, and sun tanned skin; I think I'd fit right in! I'm determined to some day live in the South and see other parts of the world besides corn fields and Chicago's city lights. Although Illinois does have it's perks (Maybe not)... I think a change of scenery would do me good.

Currently I have been working on painting a dresser and end table for my apartment. So far I haven't messed it up too bad. When they are all finished, hopefully soon, I will post and show you guys the transformation. I have so many ideas for my new place. I've been pinning all these cool and cheap DIY's and decorating ideas for my room on Pinterest. If ya'll didn't know, I am one crafty girl. If you can craft it, I'll be doing it. So for the next month until I move out, I'll be doing some Do It Yourself and How-To's on the blog. I figured, why not? So keep posted! Lots of new stuff upcoming on the blog soon! Also, I still have one more Lbd outfit inspiration for you guys too.

Have a beautiful rest of the week!