Camo Two Ways

Mar 25, 2014

This week I'm on spring break in Florida with my fam and I couldn't be happier. In my opinion everyone deserves a vacation  like every 3 months. I'm soaking in the sun and relaxing as much as possible. I even started working out again; a big "pat on the back" for me. I've been getting really excited for spring trends now that I've been experiencing the warmer weather in Florida. Last year's spring break was my first encounter with camouflage. From living in the mid west my whole life, I always use to categorize camo as a redneck kinda thing. To my surprise, I bought my first camo top with leather sleeves at PacSun and I've been obsessed ever since. I currently own a camo jacket, pants, shirt, and baseball cap. Too much? Nah.

There's so many different ways to wear camo and it doesn't have to look like your getting ready to go hunting. Camouflage is chic (Sorry, I use this word a lot, but I love it). You don't have to look like a punk rocker or a hipster to pull off this look. So, I pulled my camouflage collection together and created two outfits I thought could be attainable and mainstream for followers to imitate.

Look One:

What I Wore: 
Jacket- Express {Similar}
Top- Express {Similar}
Leggings- Express
Boots- Express {Similar}
Purse- Chicago Jewelry Fashion Show {Similar}
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe

For this look I wore my camo jacket. I paired it with a leather legging and my boots for a casual yet still sophisticated look. I love mixing patterns every chance that I get. I paired the jacket with my favorite go to pattern; a black and white striped light-weight sweater. This outfit would be typically something I would wear to my job at Express, considering I'm wearing head to toe Express clothes in this ensemble. 

Look Two:

What I Wore:
Jeans- Express
Baseball Tee- Forever21
Shoes- Converse

This outfit is a lot more casual compared to the first one. I like to wear this outfit on school days or on the weekends running errands. It's lay back and casual. I don't feel like I have to try to look cute for this outfit because it's so simple and basic. When it's colder, I add a chambray button up or jean jacket on top. 

I recently just colored my hair. It was a big change for me because I have always been blonde my whole life. I have always gotten blonde low lights and highlights since mid junior throughout high school until now and had a sudden change of heart. For me, it's expensive to color my hair and it's so damaging. I thought by going darker and going a settle ombre that I'd be able to avoid coloring my hair so often and let some of my natural grow out. Somehow, it's turned a little bit more of a red hue naturally more than I would have liked. So, after having this color for about a month I have decided I kinda sorta hate it. I'll be most likely getting it colored soon, which completely ruins the point of getting this hair color in the first place. Any who, if anyone knows of some awesome hair salons or stylists in the Bloomington/Normal area that are reasonably priced, let me know!

New hair, warmer weather, and new adventures. I'm ready for some change!



Pictures taken courtesy of Stephanie Wallace (:

In the Family

Mar 22, 2014

Just recently my grandmother has fallen ill so my family and I have been spending a lot more time with her. On Sundays we go to church and then afterwards we have lunch with Grandma B. From spending more time with her I've gotten more chances to sit down and talk about life. My grandma loves history and telling me and my sisters about her childhood. She has researched my genealogy all the way back to 1607. According to my grandma I'm related to some royalty... I always knew I was a princess. Lately a popular topic with my grandma and I  has been fashion. To my surprise, I'm not the only one with a passion for fashion in the fam. She has been showing me articles, pictures, and books about rules and guidelines that she has referenced to for her wardrobe. Even as a young girl, my grandma would buy me fashion books from garage sales and pour into me her style knowledge. Not until just recently did I realize how much my grandma truly enjoyed it. Hey, my grandma was a lil fashionista back in her day and I am proud of it! It must run in the family.

It's interesting to me how much fashion has changed over time and how much...quiet frankly, it hasn't changed. People always say that history repeats itself. In the same way, fashion repeats itself too. Skinny jeans, although are staples in every girl's closet today, were really first popular in the late 1970's. Red lips and big hair? Marilyn Monroe first made this sexy and feminine look popular in the   1940's. Everything comes back in style; sometimes in new ways, but it almost always reappears. My grandmother, being the lovely woman that she is, loves classics. Meaning, that she loves staples that never go out of style. Looking at my own style I realized how much of my clothing are classics. For instance, stripes. It may be popular right now, but it is a basic pattern that continues to show up in fashion in new ways. When my grandmother was a girl it was required to to take four years of clothing class. There, she learned the basics of sewing and fabrics. Her mother made most of her dresses as a child, which was very common and expected of a 1940's housewife. As women have become more and more independent, the less us ladies are required to know these sewing basics. When I was in junior high we were required to take at least 1 year of "Home Economics" which covered sewing and cooking. In high school we weren't required any kind of sewing class, and if we did want to pursue one there was only sewing I and sewing II. Only a total of one year worth of sewing. It's interesting to me how much our world has changed. Us ladies may be more independent and not need to sew our family's clothes anymore, but now were dependent on retail. Most of the clothing bought in America was made in sweatshops in other countries. Not that I'm gonna start making all my own clothes and my future family's clothes, but it's sad to me that this unique skill is being lost and taken for granted. 

My grandmother's wedding dress still puts me in awe still today. She wore a white A-line gown that had a Tea length skirt that ended right below her knee. It had a Peter-pan collar neckline that was covered in a sheer lace that ran over her shoulders and over the whole dress. Her dress exemplified the 1950's with style and modesty. To top it off she wore glass slippers! How much more chic can one lady get?

I love my grandma and I am proud to be her grandchild.



Meet Stephanie

Mar 14, 2014

Meet Stephanie. She is a 21 almost 22 year old red head who loves to have fun. Currently in her last year at Illinois College in Jacksonville, she's studying accounting and transferring to grad school at Illinois State. Oh, and did I mention she's my sister??

Here's some more info bout my big Sis Steph.

1.) What are some of your favorite places to shop?
 My favorite stores are H&M, Express, and Von Mour.

2.) What is your favorite go-to outfit?
My go to outfit is anything with my Steve Madden Boots and a scarf.

3.) What is your favorite season?
My favorite season is spring. I love wearing dresses and shorts. Plus, my birthday is in April!

4.) Favorite past time?
I like to read. My favorite books of all time are "Pride and Prejudice" and the "Harry Potter" series.

5.) What's your biggest dream?
My dream is to get a kick ass job doing finances or accounting for someone famous and live somewhere warm by the beach.

What Steph wore:
Top: Express
Jeans: H&M (similar)
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: Glik's

After taking these photos, it reminded me of when I was little and played dress up. Our parents set up a rack in the basement of all of our dance recital outfits and Halloween costumes and we would play dress up for hours. In a sense I feel like I haven't grown up much since; I still love being girly and I dress up any chance that I can get. My parents thought it was always really cute to co-dress us up for Halloween when we were younger, I guess because we were so close in age. One year she was Pebbles and I was consequently BamBam, a boy. Once I got older my girliness definitely shown through. When I was 4 years old I was the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz" and Stephanie was Dorothy. 

I love my sister because she tells me like it is. She's super smart. She's gorgeous. Hello, have ya seen any ginger rock it better? And I especially love her when she lets me take photos of her for my blog. Anyways, she's awesome and I am so lucky to call her my big sis.